4 Ways to Get the Best LTL Quote on Freight

Do you sometimes need to ship less than a trailer load? For some companies, shipping LTL is rare but others need regular small shipments, and it can be one of your biggest freight costs. However, there are ways you can cut these shipping costs if you follow these four helpful LTL quote lowering tips.

1. Weigh Your Shipments

Before you check out freight prices, make sure you know the exact weight of your shipments. Some companies think it’s good enough to estimate the weight, but carriers charge you by weight, and if you underestimate, your costs may be much more than the original LTL quote.

2. Tighten Your Packing Materials

Do you simply stack your “less than trailer load” shipments on a pallet? Maybe you stage cartons in one area for the carrier to pick up. Carriers charge by weight but they also charge by volume and the less space your shipments take up in the truck, the lower your freight fees are.
Try consolidating loads and using shrink wrapping methods to make your materials smaller. In fact, some materials can be compression packed, and you’ll save a lot of money on space.

3. Check out Pricing Standards

Not all companies charge the same for their LTL shipments. In fact, some may add surcharges if you need to deliver to a city or state that they don’t normally serve. Make sure your freight company doesn’t charge you extra based on location.

4. Check with a Trusted Freight Broker

A good freight broker can save you time, money, and problems. When you use a trusted brokerage, they check out all the LTL quote issues for you. Your brokerage does business with many carriers, and they know which companies can give you the most affordable services. This not only saves money on shipping, but you also get the most efficient delivery service too.

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