4 Tips for Creating a Pretty and Practical Landscape in Arlington

In Arlington, strategically designing a landscape can improve the look of your property, increase the resale value of your home and even cut down on your energy costs. It’s definitely a worthwhile project, but many homeowners are unsure where to begin to improve the look of their Landscape in Arlington. If you’re overwhelmed, keep reading to learn some tips that will help you create a landscape design that’s both pretty and practical, and visit Cambridgelandscape.com for professional advice and assistance.

Seek the Help of a Professional

Designing a functional and attractive landscape can be an overwhelming undertaking. If you lack experience, it’s definitely worthwhile to enlist the help of a professional landscaping service. A professional landscape artist can design and execute a plan based on your needs and ideas. A good landscaper will take into account your likes and dislikes while educating you on what will and won’t work on your property and in your growing climate.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Properly placed, shrubs and trees can block the sun and wind from your home and significantly reduce your energy costs. They’re a low-cost, environmentally friendly way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, planting 3 to 5 deciduous shade trees on the south or west side of your home can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%. Also, strategically placed Evergreens can block the wind in the winter and reduce heating costs by up to 50%.

Think About Resale Value

If you ever plan on selling your home, it pays to keep resale value in mind when designing your Landscape in Arlington. Realty agents agree that certain projects offer a much greater return on your investment. According to experts, focusing your efforts on an eye-catching front lawn for instant curb appeal and a private, tranquil backyard spot for entertaining will give you the most bang for your buck.

Remember Walking Paths

Don’t forget about walking paths when you’re planning your landscaping designs. Paths should be designed to provide convenient access to any spots on your property that are frequently visited. Also consider the material you want to use for the paths. Depending on your budget, bricks, stones and marble slabs can all be used to create beautiful walkways.

Designing your home’s landscape can be overwhelming, but it’s definitely a rewarding task. Keep the tips above in mind, and don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if you’re confused.

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