4 Signs You Have Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a debilitating condition, with about 329,000 new cases being found on an annual basis. Early treatment with three weeks of antibiotics is known to have a positive effect on patients. If you think you have Lyme disease, look out for any of the following signs and symptoms.

Do you have rashes?

Lyme tick bites look like a solid red oval, with the center bull-eye central red spot surrounded by a clear circle and another red circle on the outside of that one, the Healthline says. To find out whether what you’re dealing with, look for Lyme Doctors in NJ and ask about medical treatment or therapy options.

Are you fatigued?

You may experience flu-like symptoms along with fatigue and the appearance of the tick bite or rashes. If these symptoms occur together, then you’ll want to look for Lyme Doctors in NJ. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a lot of difference in a patient’s rate of recovery.

Are your joints in pain?

Still, swollen or achy joints are just another possible sign of Lyme disease. It’s easy to mistakenly believe the symptoms are caused by some other condition, though. If you aren’t quite sure, then get to the doctor and have yourself examined. Expect to undergo a round of tests so your doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

Are you dizzy?

Dizziness has plenty of other possible causes. But if it happens along with headaches, fever and all the other symptoms on this list, then that’s a sign of a Lyme condition. Don’t take too long in seeking out health. You’ll have much better chances of a faster and easier recovery if you get medical treatment and help as soon as possible.

Learn more about possible symptoms and signs you may find yourself dealing with. Make an appointment with a doctor and ask.

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