4 Signs That You Should Contact A Professional In AC Repair

When the temperature heats up outside, and you need to keep the temperature in your home low, you rely solely on your air conditioner. When your air conditioner is not functioning properly, it can make for a very difficult summer. The best way to keep your air conditioner functioning properly is to know when you should contact a professional in AC Repair.

No Cool Air Coming In

When your air conditioner is not putting out very little or no cool air, you should call a professional in air conditioning repair. The lack of cold air could be because the unit’s compressor has failed, or the freon level is too low.

Poor Air Flow From the Vents

When you are not getting any air flow from some vents, and you are from others, you should contact a professional in AC Repair. The problem is likely in your duct work. Debris can get built up in the ducts, causing an obstruction. If the ducts are not clean, it can cause the debris to pump into the air, causing health issues for your family.

Odd Sounds

Your air conditioner unit should be relatively quiet. If you hear grinding, grating, or squealing sounds coming from your unit, you should have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Each sound indicates a different problem.

     *     Squealing means that a belt in the unit has slipped out of place.

     *     Grinding means that the bearings in your motor are broken.

     *     Grating means that the metal components in your unit need to be lubricated.

     *     Each of these issues should only be corrected by a professional.

Strange Odours

You should not be smelling any strange odours coming from your AC unit. If you are, you should have a professional check it. Musty sells mean that there is mold inside your unit. If this is not cleaned out, the mold spores can go from the unit, through the vents, into the home, causing very serious problems in the home, and with your family’s health.

Knowing when your air conditioner needs to be repaired can save you money, in the long run. The longer you let the problem go, the worse it will become.

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