4 Reasons to Consider Fax Over IP Server Technology

Businesses that want to stay lean, mean and competitive in the ever-challenging global marketplace are discovering that some new technologies can save them time, money and hassles along the way. Fax over IP server technology is one such invention that savvy business leaders are adopting in their own operations.

How it Works

Fax over IP server technology works using the same principles as voice over Internet protocol communications. That means a company’s Internet connection provides the power for getting the job done. It also means that in many cases companies will discover they already have the backbone in place to enjoy them to enjoy establishment of a fax over IP server setup.

1. The cost savings – This is perhaps the most compelling reason driving the move to VoIP and fax over IP server technology today. The fact of the matter is most corporations already pay a hefty fee for Internet access. As VoIP technology becomes more and more advanced, it simply doesn’t make a great deal of sense to pay additional costs for telecommunications when Internet service provides the backbone for most major business functions. Once internet access is in place, switching to VoIP is generally a very modest expense. Supercharging VoIP with faxing service is a nominal addition in the grand scheme of things.

Why Consider Fax Over IP Server Technology?

There are a number of reasons why companies are turning to VoIP technology not only for voice communications, but also faxing. Some of the top reasons to consider fax over IP server technology over traditional paper-driven machines include:

1. The time savings – This technology can save employee time and hassle in handling fax transmissions. Since every workstation can be transformed into a fax, there’s no need to get up and run to a machine.

2. The upkeep savings – Maintaining fax machines across an entire enterprise can prove to be a costly and time consuming proposition. When fax over IP server technology is put into action, the need for old-fashioned fax machines is eliminated. This technology transforms any email-capable computer into a fax machine that’s ready to send and receive without the addition of clunky machinery.

3. The streamlining – The best fax technology also works seamlessly with other software solutions for document management. This means fax over IP server technology can lend itself to creating a paperless office that’s still well managed and organized.

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