4 Questions To Ask Potential Landscaping Companies In Waukesha WI

Many homeowners hire landscaping companies to handle their yard work. Some hire a professional because they don’t have time to work in the yard and some don’t like to. There are some people who are planning an elaborate landscape design that should only be created by a professional. When the homeowner is interviewing landscaping companies in Waukesha, WI, there are a few questions they should ask.

Is the Landscaper Bonded and Insured?

This is a question that the homeowner should ask anyone who works in their home. It is very important for landscapers since they will be using heavy machinery in the yard and moving trees and heavy plants.

Does the Company Have Industry Specialists on Staff?

Most landscapers have people on staff who will cut the grass, lay sod, and handle various other duties. It is a good idea to work with a landscaper who has an arborist if the homeowner is having trees planted. If plants are going to be added to the landscape, the homeowner should work with a company that has a horticulturist on staff. This will ensure that the plants and the trees will get as much care as the lawn.

Will The Company Provide a Drawing Of the Plans?

It is best to work with a landscaper who can draw their landscape design on paper. This will give the homeowner an idea of what the landscaper plans to do. Some companies will charge a fee for this service. However, it is worth it. This is one of the best ways to decide which company would be able to do the best job. The homeowner can also ask each company if they have any photos of job that they have done that are similar to what the homeowner is looking for.

What Is the Company’s Warranty and Guarantee Policy?

It is best to work with a company which offers some type of guarantee on their work. Companies that do are confident in their skill. Therefore, they are willing to guarantee the work. It is also good to work with a company who offers a warranty on the plants. If something were to die shortly after it went into the ground, having a warranty will save the homeowner the cost of buying more plants.

Asking the above questions to prospective landscaping companies in Waukesha, WI will help the homeowner hire the best company around. For more information, click here.

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