4 Professional Tips for Generator Maintenance in River Forest

Portable generators are great to have in case of an emergency that results in a power outage. But only if it runs as expected. Below are 4 professional tips for portable generator maintenance in River Forest.

Clean and Cover the Generator

To make sure the generator is ready for the job at hand when a power outage occurs, it’s important that it stays clean and covered during periods of non-usage. Generator covers do an exceptional job of keeping dirt, debris, and mold from gathering on the generator. These covers can be purchased from generator manufacturers and also from home improvement stores.

Empty the Tank After Use

Never let gas sit in the tank. After using the generator, empty any unused gas into an appropriate storage container.

Have Backup Fuel and Filters Handy

During unexpected blackouts, no one knows how long it will be until power is restored. Households may need to rely on their generators for days. That’s why it’s important to have backup fuel and filters on hand to ensure continual operation and if a replacement is needed.

Monitor the Wattage Capacity

Not all generators have the same wattage capacity. Sometimes, generators fail because there’s too much pressure on them to power several devices. For people wanting to completely power their home during a power outage, consider installing a whole-house generator to guarantee safe, uninterrupted power.

Not sure what’s the best way to maintain a portable generator? Turn to the pros. For generator maintenance in River Forest, contact Penco Electric, Inc., or visit their website today.