4 Points to Hiring a Web Developer Who’s Right for Your Team

Bad hires can cause a lot of frustration and stress. If you need a web developer in Oklahoma to help you whip your site into shape, here are solid tips for hiring a good one:


Training and experience are always factored in. Proper qualifications are an excellent indication that the developer is right for the job. However, these aren’t the only considerations on your list.

Culture fit

One thing all successful companies agree on is that culture fit matters as much as the proper credentials. This is when you assess a prospective candidate for the job based on whether s/he will be a good fit with your vision and team. Some companies think this shouldn’t matter, simply because they’re hiring a someone on a project basis. You might want to rethink that stance. If you and your developer aren’t a good match, getting to and staying on the same page can be a trial. The point is to hire a web developer in Oklahoma that your team can easily work with.


Don’t forget to talk about the deadline before you team up with a developer. If the developer is swamped with work or has too many things on his/her plate, that could cut into your project timeline, resulting in delays. Be upfront with the deadline so the other party can quickly decide if it’s feasible or not. However, do be realistic with the deadline. Most clients want rush orders but that could also mean plenty of errors and mistakes. You could be sacrificing quality if your timelines aren’t realistic.


Check out past examples of the developer’s work. That should help you decide if you’ve found the right developer or not. You could also try one out with a small project first, the Entrepreneur suggests. You could either up with buggy or great results and go from there.

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