4 Mistakes That Good Business Caterers Won’t Make

When you hire business caterers you want to be sure that they will do a good job and give you a satisfactory meal and experience. There are many mistakes that inexperienced caterers can make that will ruin your event or meeting. If you use the best business caterers these are the problems that you will not have to deal with.

1. Serving Foods at the Wrong Temperatures – organizing a big event for a large group can present many challenges that an inexperienced caterer will not know how to overcome. One of the biggest complaints people have about bad caterers is that they serve the foods at the wrong temperatures. The soups are lukewarm or even cold instead of hot and delicious. The desserts are room temperature or too warm instead of cold like they should be. A professional and experienced caterer will know how to keep the foods all the correct temperature so that everyone gets fresh and tasty food.

2. Not Preparing Enough Food – one of the worst things that can happen at a catered event is that your guests leave still hungry. It is vital to make sure that there is enough food to satisfy everyone in attendance but not so much food that there is a lot left over or wasted. A good caterer will know how to judge the right amount of food for your meeting or event. Some of the factors that caterers use to evaluate how much food they need include how many guests there will be, how long the meeting will last, what type of food is being served, what kind of event it is, and what time of day the event will take place.

3. Making Your Guests Sick – any time food is prepared for people it has to be stored, transported, cooked and served correctly, or there is a risk of people getting sick from bacteria. Preparing food safely for large groups of people is more challenging than cooking for just a couple people. A good caterer will know how to keep everyone at your event safe when eating the food that they prepare.

4. Serving the Wrong Food – different people enjoy different types of foods. It is important that your caterer understand the nature of your event and the types of people that will be attending so they serve food that will be appropriate. Serving a veal tenderloin would not go over well with a group of vegetarians or animal rights activists. A light salad would likely not be appreciated at a group with mostly construction workers. The best caterers will tailor the food to fit the people in attendance.

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