4 Home Improvement Projects that Require the Help of an Electrician in Fishers

Some home improvement projects like laying tile or installing chair rails are relatively easy, but renovations that involve electricity can be difficult and downright dangerous. If you own a home in Fishers, there are some electrical projects you should never attempt without professional help. Keep reading to learn about some home renovations that always require the assistance of an electrician Fishers.

Installing New Wiring

Installing new wiring isn’t a job for the average home handyman. Incorrect work can be a safety hazard that could potentially start an electrical fire inside your walls. Even if you do manage to safely install your wiring, there’s a good chance it could in violation of the latest safety codes. These codes can be complicated and difficult for the average an amateur to understand.

Projects Near Water or Plumbing

It’s never a good idea to tinker with electricity or wiring near a water source or plumbing. Projects in the kitchen, laundry room or bathrooms are best left to a professional electrician in Fishers who can safely get the job done. Even a seemingly simple task like replacing an outlet can become potentially hazardous when water is thrown into the mix.

Updating Circuit Breakers

This job can be complicated, especially if you live in an older home and are making the switch from a fuse box to a modern circuit breaker. Your circuit breaker needs to be able to safely accommodate the electrical demands in your home, so it’s best to leave this job to an electrician. Installing a too-small panel can lead to frequent breaker tripping, and incorrect wiring can be a fire hazard.

Adding Electrical Outlets

This job may seem simple, but it’s easy to add too many outlets and overload a circuit. Additional outlets need to be placed strategically in your home, and this project may require complex rewiring to keep everything safe and up to code. It’s best to call in a professional electrician to avoid problems.

Home improvements that involve electricity are usually best left to a professional to ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones. If you’re thinking of attempting any of the projects above, call the experts at Burtner Electric for advice and affordable service.

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