4 Easy Cooking Tips for Delicious and Fresh Lobster Meat

Cooking lobster is cost-effective. It can also be best for your health since you know what ingredients are used, and how much. If you’re preparing the dish yourself, then you can control the amounts of the ingredients with ease, ensuring that it fits with any dietary restrictions you have.

Read on for easy tips to help you cook fresh lobster meat.

Shop right

Before you start preparing the meal, it’s important to get excellent-quality meat. To make sure you’re getting fresh lobster meat, order from a reputable seafood distributor online. That way, you can count on the seller to send you the best type of lobster meat possible. That’s a good start.

Remove the bands

Once your delivery has arrived, time to start cooking. Don’t wait too long to cook your lobsters. Otherwise, they won’t taste as good. If you’re going to start cooking, though, remember to remove the rubber bands from the claws. That way, the claws won’t retain a rubbery taste. Try to slide the band off with a knife before you drop the lobster into the pot and you should be good to go, the New England Today says.

Steam it

The last thing you want is for those lobsters to lose their flavor. That’s why you should learn how to steam them instead of boiling them. Also, don’t make the mistake of boiling a pre-cooked lobster. Otherwise, when you crack the shell open, you’re going to have water spurting everywhere. That’s not ideal.

Use pie plates

When the lobsters are ready to be served, use pie plates. Cracking them open is going to be messy. With pie plates deep enough to catch anything that drips out, you and your friends, or family members will have an easier time with cleanup later. That’s going to help you enjoy your meal more.