3 Useful Aspects of Garage Door Openers in Phoenix AZ

One of the vital aspects when choosing a garage door is the type of opener to purchase. There are different Garage Door Openers in Phoenix AZ varying from company to company. So many options are available in the market and can be quite confusing for a homeowner wanting to invest on one. A few guidelines on how to choose a garage opener are stated below:


Different garage openers have different power ratings. The heavier the garage door, the more the power rating. Typically the lowest power rating for a regular garage door is a 0.5. For thicker door which is heavily insulated, then a 0.75 horsepower rating will serve the purpose. Industries generally have heavier garage doors and could require a 1 horsepower rating. Get to know the particular type of garage door so as to ensure one purchase the recommended opener.


Garage Door Openers in Phoenix AZ require a drive mechanism. One needs to be familiar with them before making a purchase so as to know how they function. There are three different types of drives namely:

Screw drive: it has less maintenance compared to the rest of the drives. It rotates a threaded rod which pushes the motor to facilitate opening and closing of the door.

Chain Drive: it is the most common and cheaper than the rest of the drives. It pushes a trolley which is typically attached to the door hence, making it open and close the door.

Belt Drive: the mechanism used is the same as the chain drive only that instead of the presence of a chain, there is a belt instead.

Motor Power

Different garage openers come with different motor power. There are two different types: the Direct Current (DC) and the Alternate Current (AC). DC openers require less force to open than the AC. Belt Drive Openers use DC since they need less power to push or pull, unlike the chain drives. Neighborhood Garage Door Service offers such options. One can Visit the website for more.

With such information, it is easier to shop for a garage opener. Check out different sites to find the available options to make an informed decision.

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