3 Types of Content Marketing

You may have heard that one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through search engine optimization. An SEO company provides SEO services such as content creation to help improve how high your website ranks when a user searches for keywords related to your business, product or service. Content marketing comes in many forms. Here are three that an SEO agency in CT may provide for you.

Blog Posts

One of the most classic, tried-and-true forms of content marketing is the blog post. These are often brief articles housed on your website that offer content relevant to your business. Rather than being a form of hard sell or marketing pitch, these articles generally offer users helpful or valuable information regarding their search query. If you can provide users with an answer to one of their search questions, you’re on your way to building trust with them.


Infographics rely heavily on visuals to convey their content marketing message. In fact, you can often produce an infographic as a complement to a blog post. Infographics use visual elements to provide useful information. One of the benefits of this content type is that if it’s done well, it’s highly shareable. If the infographic leads people back to your website, you’ve made another connection.


Multimedia content is becoming increasingly more popular. Business now offer content through podcasts and videos on their websites. Not only are multimedia content solutions visual and engaging, they offer users a way to feel they “know” your brand even better.

No matter what type of content you provide on your website, it should always be created with the end user in mind. An SEO agency in CT can help you determine the best types of content for your business.

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