3 Trends in Fireplace Design for 2018

There’s just something about a fireplace. From romantic evenings with your partner to cozy nights with the entire family, fireplace installation in West Michigan has plenty of benefits. Of course, you want a gorgeous design that fits with your home. Check out these trends in fireplace design before you start the installation process.

Using Wood

Although many modern fireplaces run on gas, wood is making a comeback. Whether you use it as decoration or because of its functionality, wood is both beautiful and efficient. Combustion engineering technology has advanced considerably in recent years, making wood-burning fireplaces have become more environmentally friendly. It burns longer and more completely, meaning users spend less money and time on making their wood fireplaces run well.

Corner Fireplaces

Who says your fireplace installation in West Michigan needs to be flush against one wall? Corner fireplaces first became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, but they are making a huge comeback this year. Modern corner fireplaces are frameless and available with either two- or three-sided views. They are most popular in contemporary home styles with open living spaces.

Fireplaces in Unconventional Places

Fireplaces aren’t just for living rooms and dens anymore. Although they were common in every room during the mid-1800s, as new sources of heat came to be, the act of putting a fireplace in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom became less common. Today, they are re-entering these spaces. Although no longer necessary for heat, they can, of course, keep costs down. However, fireplaces in these spaces are more for aesthetics. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing bubble bath in front of a roaring fire?

When choosing a company to perform your fireplace installation in West Michigan, ask about the trends they use in their installation process. Choose a company that will listen to your ideas and incorporates your favorite ones into your home. Visit the website for more information.

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