3 Tire Problems That Federal Way Drivers Should Be on the Lookout For

The roads in Federal Way can be your friend sometimes but quickly turn into your enemy before you know what hit you. Potholes and other road issues can cause tire damage that you may not be aware of until your tire goes flat. Here are three not-so-obvious indications that you have tire damage and need wheel repair in Federal Way, Washington.

Tire Wobble While Driving

If you’re suddenly noticing a slight wobble when you drive and it has the same timing or timing between each wobble, you probably have an issue with cupping. This is when your treads are of different heights. If you run your hand along the tire, your treads will feel like it has “waves”.

Bubble in Sidewall

You wouldn’t believe how many people ignore a bubble in their tire. Many people don’t even notice it. A bubble in your sidewall is a pocket of air that could cause a tire blowout so if you have one, you need to get immediate wheel repair in Federal Way, Washington. It comes from high impacts from potholes or curbs. It can also come from rear wheel misalignments.

Uneven Tire Wear

You may not notice this at first, especially if the wear is on the inside of your tires. There are several things that could cause uneven wear. One of the biggest culprits is over-inflated or under-inflated tires. You may also need a wheel alignment, tire balance, or some work on the suspension.

You should take the time to inspect your tires regularly since it’s not always obvious when there is a problem. West Coast Wheels and Tires can provide you with quality tire service in Federal Way and surrounding areas. Find out more at visit us website.