3 Tips to Naturally Give Your Fertility a Healthy Boost in Fresno

If you and a partner are trying to have a baby, you might find that almost anything can interfere with this process. Even too much stress can prevent couples from conceiving a baby. In addition to consulting a fertility clinic in Fresno, CA, there are some natural lifestyle changes you can make to improve your chances of conceiving.

Eat More Foods Rich in Antioxidants

The antioxidants found in natural foods attack the free radicals roaming throughout your body. In addition to benefiting health in many different ways, antioxidants prevent free radicals from harming both egg and sperm cells. Eating more plant-based foods, particularly those rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and folate, can help you protect your reproductive cells.

Stop Consuming Trans Fats

Since trans fats decrease insulin sensitivity, they adversely affect fertility in women. Women who eat foods rich in trans fats, such as foods cooked with hydrogenated vegetable oils, will ovulate less frequently or may not ovulate at all. To remedy this situation, cook meals in unsaturated fats, such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Exercise Moderately

Engaging in high-intensity exercise is just as devastating to fertility in women as not exercising enough. You should engage in moderate-intensity workouts to increase your chances of conceiving a baby. You can consult a fertility clinic in Fresno, CA, to get a list of recommended exercises that will improve your ability to get pregnant.

If you still need help conceiving your baby, contact Laurel Fertility Care online by visiting their website.

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