3 Tips for Adjusting to Glasses Later in Life in Frisco, Texas

If your vision changes as an adult, you will need to contact an eye doctor in Frisco for a comprehensive examination. Some people feel uncomfortable when wearing prescription glasses for the first time. Your reflection has changed in the mirror, and having an unfamiliar item on your face feels awkward. It may take an adjustment period for your eyes and brain to adjust to the new eyewear.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

Dirty lenses put annoying spots in your vision, create halos around lights, and blur your vision. These discrepancies make it hard to wear glasses. It is vital to keep your lens clean with lens spray and a soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt, smudges, and spots. Never clean your glasses with a paper towel or washcloth because they can scratch your lenses. Most eye doctors in Frisco include a cleaning cloth with their lenses. You should use the cloth to clean your glasses.

Get a Prescription

The first step to improving your vision is getting a complete exam from an optometrist. Some people with a low refractive error may choose to purchase nonprescription glasses. However, a comprehensive examination checks for astigmatism and finds the cause of blurry vision. If you are buying nonprescription reading glasses without a vision test, it can lead to eye strain.

Wear Your Glasses

You should start by wearing your glasses for an hour a day and gradually increase the time. When you are not used to wearing glasses, you forget to put them back on. If you need corrected vision, you should wear your glasses daily.

Prescription glasses allow you to say goodbye to eye strain, squinting, and blurry vision. Contact Prosper Eye Room at www.prospereyeroom.com to schedule an appointment today.