3 Times When You Should Call For a Tow Truck With a Rotator in Atlanta

When people are involved in auto accidents, their first response is to call for roadside assistance. While that is a correct action to take, it may be beneficial to be more specific in the type of help you request. Calling for rotator service in Atlanta GA, can help you get out of tight spots more quickly.

Salvaging Heavy Vehicles

If you’re a truck driver who was involved in an accident, a regular heavy-duty tow truck may not be your best option. Rotator service will make it easier to salvage your truck and tow it for service. This is because the pivoting components of the tow truck’s rotator will help it handle the heavier load more efficiently.

Clearing Highway Accidents

A rotator service is also more beneficial when a highway accident has occurred. Often, there is limited space on a highway where there are only two lanes. A rotator doesn’t need as much space as a regular tow truck. This means the damaged vehicles can be removed more easily and without disrupting the flow of traffic.

Getting Towed From a Ditch

If your car ends up in a ditch or becomes overturned, you should request rotator service in Atlanta, GA. The rotator will help haul your vehicle out of a ditch or embankment, turning it right side up in the process. This will make it easier to bring the vehicle onto level ground and assess its damage.

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