3 Things To Know About Dental Implants In Philadelphia

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Dental

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Today, people with missing teeth have a variety of options to consider to recreate a natural, full smile. Missing teeth are not just cosmetic in nature. Replacing missing teeth will help to maintain the jaw shape, reduce chewing and possible digestive problems, and reduce the risk of injury to the exposed gums.

Dentures and bridges are possible options to consider to replace missing teeth. However, an increasing number of people are choosing dental implants in Philadelphia for lasting, permanent tooth or teeth.

There are some important things to know about dental implants in Philadelphia. The technology behind this process has evolved dramatically, making this a more cost-effective and practical solution for all adults to consider.

Most People are Good Candidates for Implants

With new processes and technology, tooth implants are possible for the vast majority of people with missing teeth. Even when the jaw may have begun to shrink, the dentist can often add bone to allow the implant.

Some patients may have medical conditions or diseases that create a greater risk for infections or problems with dental implants. Your dentist will review these issues and discuss any concerns or risk factors.

Permanent Solutions

The titanium post used in the implant has ridges just like a screw. These ridges allow the bone of the jaw to grow into the implant, holding it in place in the jaw just like the root of a tooth. This creates a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Customized for Your Bite

The crown, or the visible part of the tooth, is fully customized to blend with your existing natural teeth. This includes in size, shape, and coloration. This produces a very natural look that allows the implant to blend perfectly with your smile.

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