3 Things to do Before Your Wedding

As your big day approaches, you are running from one appointment to another. You are also making many decisions for your wedding. In between those appointment and decisions, ensuring you are self-maintaining, too, is a must. For example, you might want to visit Wedding Dentist Lakeview so your teeth can be cleaned, polished and whitened.

Here are three more self-maintenance things to do before your wedding.

Your Hair

Your hair will be styled the day of your wedding. If you dye, relax or need a hair cut, however, it is a good idea to do so days before your wedding. The dye needs time to settle. You also want to be able to wash away any excess. Hair that is freshly cut or relaxed also needs a few days to settle. Taking care of your hair days before your wedding means that if any accidents occur, you have enough time to fix them without panicking.

Your Nails

For your wedding, you may decide to get a regular manicure and pedicure or you may decide to get some acrylics. Most brides want to look as fresh as possible on the wedding day, so getting your nails done beforehand gives the nail or acrylics time to dry. If any smudges occur, you can get them fixed with time to spare.

Your Skin

Every bride knows that many pictures of her will be taken by the photographer who is hired, friends and family. In those pictures, your face will be the focus, and then, your wedding dress. Your skin, therefore, should look its best. If you opt to get a facial or a tan, do so days in advance to avoid looking splotchy.

For your wedding day, when you are ready to get your teeth cleaned, call Wedding Dentist Lakeview Family Dental Care.

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