3 Things That Happen Without Regular Septic Services in Stockbridge GA

Homeowners whose homes aren’t connected to city sewers need to know when it’s time to have their septic tanks pumped. These tanks require frequent maintenance to prevent complete failure, and if that does occur, the owner faces the possibility of thousands of dollars in repairs. Apart from the cost, a failed septic system may cause a dangerous and unsanitary sewage backup into the yard and home. However, with regular Septic Services in Stockbridge GA, these risks are reduced.

How Septic Systems Work

A septic tank is a relatively simple system that holds solid waste and disperses wastewater into the ground. Waste leaves home via sewer pipes, which merge into one pipe that’s connected to the tank. Once the waste reaches the tank, it separates, with sludge sinking to the bottom and wastewater staying in the middle. The water travels through perforated pipes into the drain field, where it’s absorbed into the ground.

Tank Failure

When a septic tank fails, it is typically a result of poor maintenance and infrequent inspection. If the solid layer at the bottom of the tank is not removed, it builds up with time, gradually getting into the drain field. When this occurs, the heavy particles in the waste become trapped in the drain field, preventing absorption and causing eventual failure.

Proper Tank Maintenance

By following a regular inspection and maintenance schedule, area homeowners can avoid the dangers of septic system failure. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests that homeowners have their systems inspected every three years and pumped as recommended by an inspector. These tasks aren’t something that homeowners can (or should) handle on their own, and to avoid tank failure, it’s crucial to hire licensed Septic Services in Stockbridge GA for pumping and other maintenance jobs.

Call Today for Septic Service

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