3 Things Implant Dentistry in Clayton Can Do For You

As people age, so do their bodies. The older something gets, the more it tends to deteriorate. Teeth are no exception to the rule and can even deteriorate faster if not cared for correctly. However, other accidents may occur that can also cause loss of teeth. In either case, a lost tooth can cause many kinds of problems and discomfort. implant dentistry in Clayton can help correct this loss. Here are a few benefits of receiving dental implants.
They Can Permanently Replace Lost Teeth While Looking and Feeling Natural
Since the core of a dental implant is constructed using titanium, it possesses a special quality known as osseointegration, where it can bond with the structure of the bone to become a permanent part of the jaw. As all dental implants are constructed to fit the mouth, they look and feel like actual teeth so that you can chew and go about your daily activities without discomfort. With a natural feel and a durable construction, dental implants are the optimal choice for tooth replacement.
They Can Give You the Smile You Always Hoped to Have
One of the largest insecurities faced by those with missing teeth is the fact that they cannot openly smile without revealing the lack of certain teeth. Implant dentistry can fix this, as the implants look and feel like your original teeth. Even the person who has the implants may forget that the teeth are not real. You can have your best smile.
They Offer Fewer Detriments than do Dentures
The problem with conventional dentures is the fact that their removable nature causes problems to both speech and eating. A slip of a denture can cause a speech impediment, and many foods must be eaten sparingly, or not at all, to avoid the possibility of particles getting trapped in crevices and causing infections. Since implant dentistry replaces the tooth itself in the jaw, neither of these problems is an issue.
These are just a few of the benefits that are available through implant dentistry in Clayton. Do not hesitate to Schedule An Appointment with your dentist to talk about the possibility of this excellent procedure.

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