3 Signs You Need a Baytown Roofer to Replace Your Home’s Existing Roof

Taking care of your home’s roof involves making frequent inspections to spot signs of damage early. If you can catch a problem as it’s just starting, you can get it repaired before you end up having to replace the entire roof. However, you will need more extensive roofing services in Baytown if you see that a problem has affected a large portion of the roof.

Missing and Damaged Shingles

As you make a close inspection of your roof from time to time, look for damaged and missing shingles. Watch for loose granules in your gutter and on the ground around your home. You should also look for shingles that are cracked or missing pieces. If shingles are damaged in one area, you may only need to have that portion of your roof repaired, but a more widespread problem will require replacing your entire roof.


In addition to making a close inspection of the roof, step back and look at the roof as a whole. If it seems to be drooping or sagging, this indicates rot in the underlying rafters. In that case, you’ll need to undertake an extensive roof replacement.

Gaps in the Rafters

You can also inspect your roof from your attic by looking for gaps in your rafters. If you see sunlight getting into your attic from spaces between the boards or find water stains on your rafters, contact a contractor that offers roofing services in Baytown. You’ll likely need to replace your existing roof to eliminate this type of exposure.

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