3 Signs To Start Looking at New Entry Doors in South Jersey

The first thing people notice when they pull up to a house is not the color of the house or the landscaping. The front door is what will really draw the most attention to a house. To enhance the curb appeal of a house, homeowners can opt to either highlight the existing front door, or they can replace it all together. Replacing a front door can be an expensive project, so many homeowners are reluctant to do so unless absolutely necessary. Here are 3 signs that it’s time to start looking at new Entry Doors in South Jersey.

The first sign that it’s time to replace the front door is when the door no longer opens and closes correctly. The door gets opened and closed often during the course of a day. As it gets used, the door may start to stick in certain corners or get stuck at the bottom. In some cases, the door may need to be readjusted, but most of the time it means that the door has started to warp. Warping will create large gaps where air can get in and out of the house.

The second sign that the front door needs to be replaced is severe signs of weathering. When looking at the front door, if there are obvious cracks or rusting, it’s time to get a new one. Other signs of the elements are any rotting along the frame of the door, especially if the door is wood. Fading paint is very common and can be taken care of with a new coat of paint, but if the paint is chipping off, there is a good chance that rust could be forming underneath. If there are ever any doubts, it doesn’t hurt to get some quotes for a new door.

The third sign that it’s time to look at a new door is when the door no longer fits together. The most common issue is the dead bolt not fitting into the frame. Again, in some cases, it might need and adjustment, but often times it means that something in the frame has warped or has been damaged.

The front door is an important aspect of the house for curb appeal, energy efficiency and for safety. For those reasons, it’s very important to have a high-quality front door. For the best selection in Entry Doors in South Jersey, Visit Steeldoorsinc.com.

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