3 SEO Tips to Help Your Company Achieve Higher Rankings in 2020

It’s difficult for a business to have a great online presence without utilizing search engine optimization or SEO. With that in mind, the world of SEO moves at a rapid pace. Considering that, it’s helpful to learn about popular SEO strategies that are working right now and in the future. Here are three tips to improve your company’s search engine standings in 2020.

Optimize Your Company’s Website for Voice Searches
In the past few years, you’ve likely seen the rise of companies offering voice-activated assistants to the public. With that in mind, many people who own these devices are performing lots of voice searches to find out information. As more people perform voice searches, it’s important to create conversational content.

Try to Rank for Google’s Snippets
You’ve probably come across search results that highlight one website, featuring a text box of content from this page above all of the others. This is known as a Google snippet, and with the popularity of this company’s zero-click searches, your business needs to target these spaces. For help solving this problem, partner with national SEO services.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly
While smartphones and tablets were popular long before 2020, it’s still important to take a moment and ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Major search engines will lower the rankings of websites that don’t meet their mobile-friendly criteria. Fortunately, national SEO services can easily ensure that clients have mobile-friendly websites for their respective audiences to enjoy.

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