3 Reasons Why You Need Representation By a Real Estate Attorney

You may not think that purchasing residential or commercial properties requires legal representation on your part. Don’t the real estate agents handle the paperwork? The fact is that you need someone who can make sure there are no issues related to that property. Here are three ways that a real estate attorney Mobile AL will protect your interests.

Researching the Property’s History

One of the first things the team at the firm will do is conduct a thorough search of the property’s history. That includes confirming that details such as the size of the lot and description of the lot is fairly constant from one sale to the next. The goal is to ensure there are no discrepancies about where property lines are established. If so, there is the opportunity to take care of those issues before you decide to buy the property.

Determining If Anyone Has a Lien or Other Claim on the Property

Along the way, the real estate attorney Mobile AL will also seek to find out if there is any type of lien or other obligation attached to the property. The goal is to ensure that you don’t spend good money for the property only to find out later that you will have to deal with a financial issue created by a previous owner. If any type of lien or claim is discovered, the current owner has the opportunity to settle it before you submit an offer.

Making Sure the Seller Has the Authority to Sell

Could there be others who must be involved in the decision to sell? That’s a possibility when several people own the property jointly. It may be that the property can only be sold if every party agrees. Whether it’s joint ownership between spouses or partners, or if the property is being sold so the proceeds can be split between heirs, you want to know who to deal with and who has to approve the offer. Your real estate attorney Mobile AL can ensure there is no question of who has the authority to accept or reject your offer.

Are you about to purchase your first property? Before making any type of commitment, contact Johnstone Adams LLC and get help from a real estate attorney. Together, we can determine if the property you are considering is free of any legal issues and also ensure that all the sales documents are in order.

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