3 Reasons Why it Is Common to See a Residential Wrought Iron Fence in Tucson AZ

Historic areas of Arizona are famous for gracious homes that include unique wrought iron elements. However, the architectural style is not limited to notable estates. It can also be spotted in houses of every type, all over the area.

For example, it is common to see a residential Wrought Iron Fence in Tucson AZ. Homeowners often choose it when they want fences to include custom designs. Professionally-installed wrought iron fences also add security, are durable and require little maintenance.

Design Options Are Unlimited

A residential Wrought Iron Fence in Tucson AZ can reflect the personality of the homeowner as well as increase curb appeal. A typical style consists of various elements that can be mixed or matched to create almost unlimited designs. For instance, fencing contractors will change out horizontal members, vertical spires, and ornamental finials.

Many gates are very elaborate and act as impressive entrances. Clients can also order unique fences made from their own designs. Custom wrought iron gate designs often include trees, flowers, initials, crosses or symbols that are meaningful to their owners.

Wrought Iron Offers Security

Customers who want to make properties more secure also reach out to wrought iron fencing contractors at sites like website. A contractor’s site typically includes a “Click here” option which lets visitors schedule estimates. Technicians will then measure properties carefully and offer a range of fencing options in a huge range of heights and styles.

Once fencing is installed, it becomes very difficult for trespassers to gain access. The iron bars also keep pets and children safe inside of yards. Some property owners add sharp, decorative finials to the tops of spires, making it difficult to climb over fences without injury.

Durable Wrought Iron Is Easy to Maintain

Wrought iron fences are also some of the longest lasting. That is why they are often the last elements standing on old, run-down properties. Wrought iron stands up well to weather and attempts to break through and access the property.

An expertly installed fence can even survive being hit by a vehicle. Even if fences are damaged, contractors can replace parts and weld them back into place. Should fences rust, sandpapering and repainting will restore them to like-new condition.

Although homeowners can choose from dozens of fencing materials, many opt for durable, secure wrought iron. The choice offers customers a vast array of design options, increases home values and adds security. Contact Able Fence LLC for more information!

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