3 Reasons to Take Advantage of Lacey Storage Facilities

Most of the time people consider storage facilities when they are planning a big move. But there are lots of other moments in life when some additional storage space could be beneficial. With multiple options to choose from, including special shelving for items like rugs and sofas, Lacey Storage Facilities can help with several different situations.

Garage and Storage Clean Out

Is it time to make room for a vehicle to be parked in the garage? There may be so much stuff in there that the idea of sorting it out seems overwhelming. Instead of trying to get the job done over the course of several weekends while the car still sits in the driveway, consider moving everything to a storage facility. This frees up the space right away and offers a set amount of time for the items to be sorted. If most of the things need to be kept, they are already located in a safe storage facility and are available when needed.


Remodeling any part of a home can be challenging. But most people struggle with where to put items that are in the way. While furniture and other items can be pushed into another room, it can severely cut down on the amount of space that a family has in the home. Instead, setting up a storage unit means completely removing those items, getting them out of the way and making room for the changes. This is a stress free solution that leaves everyone happy, including the remodeling staff.

Seasonal Storage

There are some items that just aren’t used year round. Most people don’t need their surfboards in the middle of winter or their skis in the middle of the summer. So where do these items go when they aren’t being used? Lacey Storage Facilities have plenty of room for items that don’t get used all the time. They are still readily accessible when needed but don’t take up room in the garage or the closet. Items can even be rotated in and out as the seasons change.

If the time has come to change homes, storage facilities can help. But, even if a move isn’t in the near future, there are other reasons to obtain a storage unit. Decluttering, remodeling and seasonal storage are all great reasons to add a little bit of extra usable space.

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