3 Reasons to Hire a Security Service

With the rise in crime all over the nation, many people are beginning to bulk up the security in their small businesses. There are so many different security companies around that it can become a bit difficult to choose the one. By providing more security to your staff and your employees, you will be able to increase the joy that they have when coming to work and shop with you. Here are a few signs that you may need to hire on a Guard Service for your Atlanta based business.

A Recent Spike in Crime

One of the biggest reasons that most business owners decide to hire on a guard service is that they have had a recent spike in crime in the area that they reside in. Usually, this is a wake-up call to most small business owners that makes them reevaluate the level of security that they have at their business. The last thing that any small business owner wants is to be vulnerable to being robbed or a victim of other crimes. By hiring a security guard service, you will be able to avoid being the victim of crime waves in your area.

A Rise in Shoplifting

One of the biggest problems that a small business owner has to face is the money that they lose to theft every month. In some larger retailers the amount of merchandise stolen each month can get well over a $10,000. Even though a small business will not lose nearly this amount of money, they will face significant loses as a result of theft. The best way to protect yourself and your merchandise is by hiring a security guard to patrol your business. Studies have shown that most criminals shy away from robbing from stores with security guards due to the heightened risk of being caught.

Requested By Employees

Another common reason that will lead a business owner to hire security services from The Guardian Protective Services is that it has been requested by their employees. Many studies have shown that the more safe and secure that an employee feels, the more productive they will be. If your business is in a less than stellar part of town, then hiring a security guard is a must in order to keep your employees safe from being robbed during their time at work.

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