3 Reasons Paper Invitations Are Still Important

It is very easy to get caught up in all the digital things that are happening in this era. Since things have gone so far to the digital side, the population does take a step back. For the most part, people will attempt to achieve equilibrium. When they become overwhelmed with one side, they instinctively react. Amid all the digital notifications, an invitation that arrives via snail mail will be noticed. This makes an Indian wedding invitation still worth sending out.

Here are three reasons why paper invitations are still important.

It is a Keepsake

Some people are sentimental. If they receive a paper invitation in the mail, they will keep it. This is especially true if you put effort into picking it out. While it is known that a wedding is expensive, and this means that sometimes a budget is constrained, if you include touches that are unique to the couple, your guests may hang onto the memento. If you give away favors and table settings when the reception is over, your guests will not only take them but will make bundles out of them.

Sets the Tone

Your Indian wedding invitation is going to set the tone for the event. While it is true that an electronic invite can accomplish the same feat thanks to photo, font and color options, there is a lot of to be said for something that can be held. The texture, the material and the special touches are worth something to guests, too.

It is Special

For some weddings, not everyone gets invited. Whether it is due to space constraints or the budget, a person who receives a paper Indian wedding invitation in the mail is reminded that they are special to you, so you want their presence at the event. Contact Regal Cards for more information.

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