3 Reasons Estimates Vary at an Auto Body Shop in Newport News, VA

If you need to visit an auto shop for repairs, you may be wondering where you should go. Usually, you visit an auto shop for collision repairs and exterior damages. If an insurance company is involved, an adjuster will write an estimate before the vehicle is taken to a repair shop. However, prices vary from shop to shop for the same services.

There can often be noticeable cost differences when you choose auto body repair services. The reasons behind these differences are important to understand in order to choose the best auto shop for your needs. To learn more, here are three reasons why estimates vary at an auto body shop in Newport News, VA.

Different Types of Parts

This is usually the biggest difference that changes the repair cost estimate between auto body shops. For example, brand new parts may up the cost considerably, while recycled parts may bring the cost down. It is wise for you to understand the benefits and costs of the different types of collision parts that could be used to fix your car, prior to having your car fixed with a particular auto body shop.

Varied Labor Rates

There are different types of labor involved in repairs, including body repair labor, mechanical labor, and paint refinishing labor. Rates between professionals usually vary within a couple dollars of each other, however, these small rate changes can make a big cost difference, especially on a large auto body shop project.

Estimates Vary

Estimates tend to vary greatly for a number of reasons. Most commonly, the difference between types of estimating software can greatly impact the cost estimate. Whether or not an estimate is done with thorough attention may change things as well. So, keep that in mind when seeking auto body repairs. Contact Bruce’s Super Body Shops to learn more.

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