3 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor Before Getting a Cheek Lift

Do you want to look younger? If so, a cheek lift in Glenview might be the perfect option for you. Before making any decisions about your surgery, you should ask your doctor these 3 questions.

What Is the Most Common Complication of a Cheek Lift?

The first question you should ask your doctor is about possible complications of a cheek lift. One of the most common complications of a cheek lift is ptosis, which means that the eyelid droops. This can happen because many people have an underlying issue with their eye muscles and nerves before surgery. This condition may worsen after having cosmetic procedures like liposuction or injections in order to reduce wrinkles under your eyes.

How Long Will You Be In Recovery For?

Ask your doctor about how long you will be in recovery after your surgery.

It is important that you are aware of what the recovery process will be like so there aren’t any surprises when it’s time for your surgery date. You might want a friend or family member nearby during this period in case they need help with anything related to daily living, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of other chores around the house while you recover.

Will Your Scars Show After Surgery?

Another vital question to ask your doctor is whether your scars will show after surgery. The type of scars that show after surgery depends on the surgeon’s preference and technique. Ask your doctor to explain how they plan for your scar and how visible it will be in areas under or near your eyes.

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