3 Phone Service using SIP Facts

With technology, there are many feats that can be accomplished using non-traditional protocols. Business communications, for example, can now be provided through SIP Phone Service. Instead of receiving phone calls over a landline, this system uses internet protocol coupled with a compatible phone system. SIP trunking is the delivery method and public switched telephone is the network.

Here are three SIP phone facts to consider.


Voice over internet protocol systems have existed for a couple of decades. Startups and small businesses are among the most active uses simply because it offers convenience. If you are a one-man operation, you are most likely not in an office all day. You are probably on the go and working wherever demand takes you. A SIP phone offers the same benefits as the original VoIP services as well as flexibility. When you are on a tight budget or you are a large corporation that is not interested in accruing unnecessary additional overhead costs, SIP offers the flexibility of using one channel to start, and then, scaling up.


The cost of a SIP phone system is also low as well as flexible. Since you have more varied choices at your disposal, the costs can also scale with your use and budget. The lower costs are simply a result of more options. You are only paying for what you are using. When you begin to see that your use has risen, then, you can renegotiate your terms, accordingly.

Pick Your Bandwidth

Some SIP providers have specific equipment and bandwidth requirements. This means that you have to also purchase your bandwidth service through them. A SIP Phone Service through particular providers offers you the ability to pick your own bandwidth and couple with the one you are already using. Contact a representative for more information.

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