3 Myths About Selling Your Business In Santa Clara County, CA

There are literally tens of thousands of small businesses located in Santa Clara County, CA. Making the decision to sell your business is never easy, but it is often the best thing to do given personal goals, retirement or whatever reason you may have.

When looking around online, you will find there are several “helpful advice” websites that provide seemingly good information about selling your business. Unfortunately, many of these websites are not providing helpful information. They may actually be creating difficulties or adding to the challenges of selling your business.

A Business Owner Knows the Value of the Business

As a business owner, you have time, energy and years of your life tied up in your company. This level of focus on the business often creates a false sense of value for the company.

By selling your business based on a simple online calculation, a similar price to the sale of a competitor’s business or just what you think the business is worth will create a problem. Most business owners over-value their business, which will lead to fewer interested buyers and a much longer and slower sales process. Time on the market will also impact the final sale price, another factor to keep in mind.

A Business Will Sell Itself

No matter how successful your business is, it will take time and effort to get it in shape for a sale. This typically takes a few months and can be done with the help of an experienced business broker.

During the valuation process, which will provide a fair market value for the business, the broker may make recommendations to help with the sale. This can include everything from locking in suppliers to developing formal contacts with your current customers. These tips and ideas can make a difference in the sale of any business.

Any Business Broker is a Good Option

When you are selling your business, you want to have a top professional as your business sales representative. He or she will market your business, screen qualified buyers, arrange for prospective buyers to get the information they need and then work on your behalf through the sale.

Working with just any business broker is never a good idea. Do your research and interview a few business brokers in Santa Clara County, CA, before making a final choice in a top professional. This extra step will help the entire process and result in a better overall selling experience.

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