3 Great Terrazzo Floor Restoration Tips

Your terrazzo floors are built to last. However, that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to chips and scratches. Like most floor types, they need restoration work once in a while. To keep your terrazzo floors in tip-top shape, make sure you know how to restore terrazzo floors. Here are handy tips to help you out:

1. Clear the dirt and debris away
So you’ve taken out the furniture, carpets and even the tiles you’ve installed over the years. However, before you start getting down to business, make sure you clean the dirt, debris and grit away. You’ll have a tougher time getting rid of these if they get into your floors under the sealer.

2. Patch up any holes
When terrazzo floors are chipped, have holes and deep scratches, it usually means you might not be cleaning your floors regularly. When there’s constant foot traffic, it’s easy to grind grit into your floors, leaving unsightly marks behind. Therefore after grinding your floors and getting rid of any surface abrasions, make sure you take care of any potholes or deep scratches. DoItYourself suggests filling the holes with thin-mortar. Too rough for you? Not to worry. When the mortar is dry, run over the surface with a grinder until it’s all smoothed out.

3. Use vinegar
After you’ve patched up the holes, polish the floor until it shines. For an even better luster, you can mop the floor with a mixture of vinegar and water.

And if any of these seem to be too much work for you or you haven’t got the necessary tools, just call in an expert to take over. With a pro, you can sit back and relax while your floor is restored in record time. Hiring a pro not only means that the service will finish faster, you can also count on fantastic results. To get in touch with a terrazzo pro, call Trend Terrazo today.

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