3 Criminal Defense Facts

Ideally, no one wants to have defend themselves in a court of law. Accidents happen, however. Most people prefer to go about their business without negatively impacting others, but sometimes, the best decisions are not made. If you find yourself in a situation where you require the services of an attorney, Criminal Defense Attorney Ponte Vedra is at your disposal.

Here are three criminal defense facts.

The Basics

If you are accused of a crime or must defend yourself against a claim in a court of law, you are addressed as the defendant. In a criminal case, the prosecutor will argue the case against you while a criminal defense lawyer will defend you. A judge listens to both sides of the case, and then, makes a decision based on facts provided and prior case law. If your case requires a jury, the jury will listen to both sides, and then, deliver a verdict.

The Process

In the United States, a defendant has several protections. If you are accused of a crime, you are innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to an attorney and you have the right to a jury of your peers. If you are found to be guilty after both sides have been heard, you will be declared guilty. Through reasonable doubt, if a jury or judge are not sufficiently convinced you are guilty, you are acquitted. To avoid going to trial, you can ask your criminal defense attorney to reach a plea deal with the prosecutor.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney

The best way to defend yourself in a court of law against a crime you are accused of is to hire a competent criminal defense attorney.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Ponte Vedra from Canan Law, for example, has the experience and credentials to defend you.

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