3 Common Roof Issues

The roof of your home is just as important as the walls and foundation. The roof, however, is more difficult to maintain because it is difficult to access. A lot happens on your roof and to your roof, so regular inspections are recommended. If you notice an issue, Home Roof Repair St. Augustine professionals are at your disposal.

Here are three common roof issues that can occur.


The worst roof issue that can occur is that it begins to leak. If you catch this problem soon enough, you can avoid the roof completely falling apart and becoming ineffective. As soon as you spot a leak inside your home from the ceiling, find the source. If it is standing water, the water needs to be cleared and a solution that prevents water from standing again is recommended. As you explore the issue leading to the leak, you may find that it simply requires an easy repair or that it requires more entailed work. Either way, consider it an investment in the home that you love.


You may be amazed by the types and number of critters that can happily make their home on your roof. The kind of critters that live on it will vary depending on the things that sit on the roof. If leaves pile up, you can easily end up with anything from ants to termites. If there are comfortable corners and protected hollow spaces, raccoons and birds may decide to set up their nests. So, clear the roof at least twice a year.

No Maintenance

The root of common roof issues is lack or no maintenance. When debris is allow to sit and decay, it can easily lead to the growth of mold and slush.

Home Roof Repair St. Augustine professionals are at your disposal.

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