3 Benefits of Using Angel Investing to Fund Your U.S. Startup

If you’re new to entrepreneurship and don’t know about the funding options available to you, consider angel investing. An angel investor provides the early stage funding for startups in exchange for a percentage of profits earned by the startup. Many entrepreneurs turn to angel investors because there are advantages to this option over borrowing capital.

Quick Decisions

An angel investor doesn’t have to bring your funding request back to a board of directors or loan officer. This is their own money they are using to fund your startup, which means they can give you an answer immediately. As long as you provide a compelling pitch, this is an option that can get you financing for your startup without any delays.

Benefit From Experience

An angel investor will want to take an active role in the operation of your startup, and this is a good thing. While you will still run the show, they will make recommendations for marketing your products and branding your startup. This insight comes from the experiences they have had with previous startups.

You Won’t Accumulate Debt

When using angel investors for early stage funding for startups, a typical agreement pledges 10% of the startup’s growth. If the startup is a success, the angel investor takes their share of the profits. However, this is not a loan, which means you don’t have to worry about repaying the investment if the startup fails.

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