3 Benefits of Deep Dish Pizza For First Dates in San Diego, CA

When you plan out the first date, the food you choose becomes an important factor. While pizza is a universal go-to option for dates, the type of pizza matters. A deep-dish pizza comes with several benefits for a first date. As you choose Chicago pizza in San Diego, CA, learn about the benefits and how a deep-dish pizza can provide your first stepping stone to a new relationship.

Less Messy

Plain and simple, a deep dish is less messy. The thick crust encourages the use of a fork and knife. If you have a regular pizza, you need to worry about dripping oils, sliding cheeses, and splashes of sauce. With a deep dish pizza, you can cut up the thick slices into small bites. No one expects you to lift up the heavy pieces just to take a bite. With less mess, you do not need to worry about staining your clothes or feeling embarrassed as you get to know your date.

Takes Longer To Eat

A deep dish Chicago pizza San Diego, CA, takes longer to eat. As you enjoy each thick and savory slice, you can also enjoy the company of your date. Take your time to get through the pizza, create conversation, and do not feel rushed. With a thinner pizza, you may eat through slices quicker and feel like the date is too rushed.

Pizza Discussions & Breaking the Ice

The pizza you order is a great way to break the ice and ease into the conversation. To start, when you order Chicago pizza, you can discuss toppings and layers. A deep dish pizza can include multiple toppings and you and your date can go through different options together. The special kind of pizza can also open conversations about your favorite pizza options through the years. The next time you dine out for a date, consider us at Regents Pizzeria today.