2 Key Differences Between Medigap and Medicare Advantage Coverage in AZ

Are you nearing Medicare eligibility age and are becoming overwhelmed with all the decisions you will have to make when signing up for Medicare? Are you concerned about budget limitations when it comes to your 20% responsibility and are wondering what the difference is between Medigap and Medicare Advantage? If so, then here are two key differences between them and who you should turn to for coverage.

One is Supplemental

One of the key differences between Medigap and Medicare Advantage coverage is that Medigap supplements your Medicare coverage. This means it may help pay for benefits that are not typically covered in Medicare Parts A and B such as prescription medication and routine dental care. You are still enrolled in the Original Medicare plan when obtaining Medigap coverage. Medicare Advantage, on the other hand, is administered through a private Medicare-approved health insurance company.

Benefits Beyond Parts A and B

Another key difference between Medigap and Medicare Advantage is that Medicare Advantage plans, otherwise known as Part C, typically offer benefits beyond Parts A and B. This means this type of coverage may provide more flexibility as it may provide routine vision, routine dental, hearing, and other benefits.

Searching for a Trustworthy Insurance Agency for Help

Perhaps you are now searching for a trustworthy insurance agency that offers Medigap and the best Medicare Advantage plans in Mesa, AZ, but are unsure who to turn to for help. When searching for an insurance agency that offers Medigap and the best Medicare Advantage plans in Mesa, AZ, consider choosing a company that has been providing exceptional services for several years. Choosing this type of insurance agency will ensure they provide you with sound advice to help you make informed decisions.

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