2 Common Signs to Help Detect an Infection Amongst Your Employees

Have you been diligently following health protocols to combat the spread of COVID-19? Are you becoming overwhelmed as a result of new employee onboarding, causing you to use a significant amount of company resources to ensure everyone’s safety? Are you now searching for new solutions to help streamline your processes when it comes to detecting symptoms associated with an infection? If any or all of these questions apply, then here are two common signs of infection and what you can do to reduce risks.

Persistent Cough

One of the most common signs of infection is a persistent cough. This type of symptom can easily spread the virus through the inhalation of respiratory droplets. One of the most effective means to help reduce risks is to utilize medical devices and accessories that will act as a barrier to provide a layer of protection against infection.


Another common sign of infection is the presence of fever. Often, this symptom may be the only clear indicator of infection. You will need to address this symptom immediately to help prevent spreading the virus further.

The Most Effective Solution

Perhaps you have been noticing that your employees are beginning to experience these symptoms and are now searching for a way to seamlessly and quickly detect high body temperatures on a mass scale. You should acquire and start using thermal scanners from the professionals.

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