10 Rules for Better Machine Shop Safety

From opening your shop to installing LED machine lights, to closing up the shop for the night, nothing is more important than safety in a machine shop. Here are five important things to remember to you keep your workers and facility safe from common problems.

1. Always keep safety guards in place. Safety guards are there for good reasons. Don’t remove them except for maintenance and repairs, and when you’re finished, replace the guards.

2. Never leave a running machine unattended.

3. Shut down your machine before making adjustments.

4. Don’t set tools down on or near machines. They can vibrate and cause injuries or machine damage.

5. Don’t handle chips or metal shavings with your bare hands. Use a brush or other tools. Metal pieces can easily cut and get lodged in the hands, and your hands are some of your most important work tools.

6. It’s safer to use LED machine lights. Standard lights can get hot and cause burns if touched. LED lights don’t generate heat and are cool to the touch.

7. Don’t lift anything over 50 pounds without help. It’s too easy to hurt your back and if a crane isn’t working, wait until it’s repaired. Supervisors should never ask workers to do work that are designed for cranes or hoists.

8. Keep your work area clean. It’s not good enough to clean up right before shift change or closing. A dirty, messy, or disorganized workplace is an invitation to safety hazards like tripping, falling, and slipping.

9. Keep machining lights clean. Whether you have standard or LED machine lights, keep dirt and dust from them. You need to see clearly, especially when making measurements or adjustments to your machinery.

10. Always wear safe clothing and nothing that’s loose-fitting. It’s too easy to get things caught in lathes and milling machines.

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