10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Holiday Party Photographer

Holiday parties are held with an intention of having fun, celebrating, socializing and for passing time with your best friends, dear family members or coworkers. They are one of the most interesting events in life that you can never afford to forget. Party events should always be close to your heart as they can greatly change your mood especially when you are bored, sad or sick.

To get amazing pictures for whatever party, you have to hire holiday party photography in Washington DC. To come up with the right event photographer, you may need to do some consultation. However, most people do not know exactly what to enquire about in determining whether a photographer is suitable for their party or not. So, what should you ask?

1. Are full size files available? If not, what’s the cost of a Print?
Some photographers will provide you with a CD with all the images in order to print on your own. Others will do the print on your behalf. If full size images are not offered, always ensure that you  know the print fees ahead of time.

2. Is there a website for ordering?
All members in the party should be able to order their own prints. If a website is provided, it will not only save you the printing cost but also your precious time. All you need to do after the party is to email those involved a link to the gallery for their own prints.

3. Can I see a sample of a holiday party done by you?
Looking at these samples will provide you with an opportunity to see what you will be expecting. It will answer yet another question; does the company meet our event and photography needs and expectations?

4. Is editing included in the package?
For quality work, all pictures need some bit of editing.  Some companies may impose extra charges for editing while others will have them included in their package.

5. Are there ready back-up equipment?
Machines and equipment can break any time. You do not wish to risk your holiday party at all. So, pick that holiday party photography in Washington DC with reliable back-up plans.

6. Do you have membership with any photography organizations?
Though not compulsory, it however shows the photographers commitment in the industry.

7. Can I upload the pictures on internet?
You may want to share your party experience with your friends over the internet only to find out that your photographer does not allow that.

8. Do you mark the pictures?
Most firms will include their trademarks on your pictures. It is not a bad idea but make sure that the marks do not interfere with the quality of the images.

9. How many photographers are sent per party?
Some parties may require more than one photographer in order to capture all the great moments.

10. Do you have any other related training?
Technology is highly dynamic currently. The best party photographer should not just have long experience, latest training is also essential.

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