What Customers Can Expect from Yard Debris Services in Eugene, OR

Excessive yard waste isn’t only an eyesore. It’s a potential breeding ground and hiding place for critters. Households in the area rely on yard debris services in Eugene, OR, to help them remove yard waste. For those using this service for the first time, here are some things to know.

What Is Considered Yard Waste?

The most common types of yard waste that services collect include grass clippings, tree clippings, pruning waste, leaves, and pine needles. Refuse services consider this kind of waste organic waste and often offer their customers organic waste bins or yard debris bins for easy removal.

Is Yard Waste Collected Year-round?

It depends on the location and the service used. Some communities pick up yard waste a few times a year. In Eugene, most trash removal services offer year-round waste removal. The day of the week might differ from normal trash pick-up or yard waste might only be collected once every couple of weeks. Homeowners should contact their trash removal service for more information.

Should the Yard Waste Be Bagged?

Home improvement and hardware stores sell yard waste bags, but sometimes these are more a waste of money than anything else. Refuse services that supply their customers with yard waste bins typically have rules against bagging yard debris. Bags interfere with the disposal process and some communities use the collected yard waste for composting.

How to Get Started with Yard Debris Collection

The best way for households to get started is to contact a waste removal company to inquire about yard debris services in Eugene, OR. Households looking for a service provider should check out Royal Refuse Service online at https://royalrefuse.com for more information.