The Dentists in Wichita KS Can Prevent Tooth Death Caused By Cavities

Cavities are one of the most common oral health ailments. When a cavity strikes, it often leads to major damages and can sometimes cause tooth death. This is why it is imperative people see the dentists Wichita KS on a regular basis. Routine dental appointments allow cavities to be found in their earliest stages. Once found, they can be treated, so damage does not continue to occur. With the right dental care, a tooth may be able to be saved from loss.

When a cavity first occurs, it may not present any symptoms. Most people are not even aware they have a cavity until it begins to cause pain. Unfortunately, this means the decay has progressed to the inner portions of the tooth and is causing major damages. Should it be left untreated, it will eventually cause tooth death.

Cavities can cause these symptoms to occur:

*      White and dark spots may develop on the affected tooth.

*      Pitting can occur on teeth that have been affected by a cavity.

*      Sensitivity may be felt when eating overly hot or cold foods or liquids. Some people also report feeling this sensation when eating sweet foods, like candy.

*      Pain is often felt when biting down or chewing. As the cavity worsens, the pain often becomes more intense.

*      If the tooth does not get treated, it will eventually begin to break down and can die.

Those having these symptoms need to see the dentists Wichita KS right away. The dentist can repair the damage done to the tooth by first removing any decayed areas. This removal process is carried out through the use of specialized tools that help to remove precise amounts of tooth tissue. Once the damaged areas have been removed, the dentist will fill the tooth with a strong filling material that strengthens the tooth and helps to prevent more damage from occurring. This treatment has been proven to help in preventing the spread of cavities to other teeth and can help a tooth to stay alive, so extraction procedures are not needed. Contact a dentist today and schedule an appointment for tooth treatment.

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