Get the Gluten Out of Stuffing

Do you consider yourself a fan of homemade stuffing? Millions of people have this bready side dish as part of their holiday dinner, and if you are a fan with an aversion to gluten this poses a problem. The majority of these dishes are made with a lot of bread, and bread contains high amounts of wheat flour. As many of you know, wheat flour contains gluten; the protein that gives dough its elasticity. It is also a bane to many people dealing with celiac disease and allergies to the protein. Luckily, there are a number of products coming on the market being billed as gluten free stuffing. If you are a fan and you cannot normally eat this dish, then this might be just the solution you are looking for.

Save the Taste & Eating Healthier

These new products have the same textures and feel as normal dressings without any of the nasty dietary side-effects. Typically seasoned with copious amounts of rosemary and sage you should find this to be pleasing and tasty. You will be able to recall all of the times when you used to be able to have stuffing during a Thanksgiving dinner; those same dinners where the whole family gathered around the table to have a wonderful day. You will be able to satisfy your craving without having to worry about sacrificing taste, and in addition to that, you will be eating healthier.

Gluten Intolerance is No Laughing Matter

This type of intolerance is a serious medical condition that requires you to maintain a very specific diet. If you are stricken with this type of disease then you understand the vigilance that you must take in order to be certain the food you are eating will not disrupt your routine. When someone eats a product containing gluten in this can set off a small chain reaction inside their small intestines. This reaction can lead to rashes, upset stomach and in the long run a myriad of more serious problems; such as a leaky gut. It is important that if you know anyone that has this condition that you are able to offer them food that adheres to their diet.

Wheat allergies have started becoming more serious. They are very real and people affected have special needs.

The addition of this product to your pantry permits you to keep a non-irritating food option available to those you may know have these kinds of conditions.

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