Bathroom Remodeling Is Not To Be Taken Lightly

Aside from the kitchen remodeling the bathroom is the most complex and potentially expensive renovation task that any home most homeowners will ever undertake. The reason is simple they require specialist trade work that has to meet certain legal standards. So unless you are such an individual at some stage whether you are from Rockland County, NY or central London, you are going to have to call in the professionals. Even if your survey reveals no major problems with the bathroom, you may just not like the d├ęcor or color scheme, in which case you still need to know what to do as regards basic DIY such as painting and sanding. The single most important decision you need to make is to decide whether or not the bathroom needs remodeling in the first place.

Take stock of your bathroom:

Perhaps you are a new homeowner and decided that when you brought the house the bathroom was something that needed to be sorted out, when time and/or funds allowed and that time is now. Or maybe you are expecting your first child, either way you have decided that it is time to make some changes. The absolute first point to make crystal clear is that unless it is absolutely necessary, the fixtures will need to stay where they are. Fixtures means the bath, toilet, shower and sink, all of which are connected to the mains water supply, to reorganize all of that will take time and of course money and all along the room itself may not even be usable. However, if you really do want to start from the beginning this is the core point you need to consider.


This is the last stage of any remodeling project, the emphasis here is on last, there is no point in installing the fancy new stainless steel towel heater until everything else is done, and this also includes waiting for the paint to dry. As a homeowner you may want to consider having an extractor fan fitted. These fans are an extra cost, but have a long term benefit in that they help stop the growth of mold on the ceilings walls as well as the cracks between the shower tiles. Fans can only be installed professionally and should never be attempted by anybody who is not a qualified electrician. Visit website to know more about your bathroom remodeling in Rockland County, NY.

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