Choosing Residential Carpeting Glenview Has to Offer

Choosing the right color, pile, brand, and style of wall-to-wall carpeting for your home should not be a hassle. It can be fun and informative when you know some basics about Carpeting Glenview choices. If you are planning to make flooring changes in your home and carpet is something you are considering, you need to know some facts about the different aspects to make an informed decision. The following will cover some of the basics about carpeting to help you.


Pricing is one of the first factors homeowners take into consideration when choosing carpeting. While price is important, you also want a good value which means you need quality Carpeting Glenview at an affordable price. Your budget may limit you to certain brands and types of carpeting, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice quality for price. Look for the best value.

Carpet Types

Berber – Berber consists of looped fibers as opposed to fibers that stand straight up. Berber is often multi-colored and very durable for high-traffic areas. Berber is less soft and comfortable under foot, but is affordable and a good value.

Plush – Plush carpeting has a tight weave and is more likely to resist vacuum marks and footprints. It stays plush longer than carpets with loose weaves. Plush usually comes in mostly solid colors.

Plush Saxony – This type of carpet is so soft you could sleep on it. It has a bit of a shine to it which makes it appealing.

Carpet Density

Wool – Wool carpeting is expensive, but durable and soft.

Nylon – Nylon fibers are the most durable in high-traffic areas.

Olefin – This carpet fiber is made from plastic and is resistant to stains, but not as soft as other fibers.

Polyester – This fiber for carpeting is probably the most affordable for the average homeowner. It is also versatile, stain-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Make a list of what you expect from carpeting and then consider your budget and personal preference. Checking out more detailed information about carpeting at will further help to guide you to an informed decision. It will also provide you with images and color options from which to choose.

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