Chimneys in Nassau County Need Regular Maintenance

Most people take their chimneys for granted, but industry experts agree that all chimneys require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. Cleaning and inspection of all chimneys is always recommended as a safety precaution. If repairs are needed, those repairs should be completed promptly to allow smoke and other combustion gasses to properly vent.

Chimneys in Nassau County should be cleaned before using a wood stove or fireplace in the fall and throughout the season to prevent chimney fires. Ideally, the first cleaning and inspection should occur early, before the heating season starts. Proper cleaning works to prevent chimney fires, which cause significant property damage every year. Experts are able to quickly identify problems with a chimney that need to be corrected before fireplaces or wood stoves are used. If the existing chimney liner has deteriorated, a new liner may be recommended to ensure the safety of a home’s occupants.

Chimneys for gas fired appliances also need to be inspected on a regular basis, as corrosion can (and does) damage terracotta liners and mortar. Stainless steel liners are often recommended by chimney experts like Ageless Chimney Inc to keep exhaust gasses venting properly. Working with true experts in chimney construction and repair is always recommended. Contract only with companies that can demonstrate experience in all types of chimney construction and repair.

The masonry experts from a company like Ageless Chimney also provide other masonry services for homeowners. Patios, step repairs and stone veneers are examples of ancillary services provided by masonry professionals. Examples of their workmanship are available at the website along with helpful videos that explain the processes used for chimney repair.

All chimneys need regular attention, and scheduling needed maintenance and inspections should never be ignored. Every chimney needs to be inspected before any fires are lit in wood burning units as animals tend to set up housekeeping in chimneys during the warm months. Proper cleaning alsoremoves built up creosote and allows the technicians to completely examine a chimney for damage. Professional inspections go way beyond anything typical homeowners can do themselves, and repairs of minor problems can easily prevent much more expensive repairs later. Set up an appointment for a cleaning and complete inspection now.

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