Would Florida Surety Bonds Make A Good Investment?

First; we have to consider what a bond actually is; the word itself is typical of our language use in so much as it has a variety of meanings which have evolved over time from the original meaning; which was to tie or fasten things together (including the use of bonds as physical restraints to keep someone a prisoner). The concept also became used in the sense of a force or feeling that united people.

From there, usage grew to include binding agreements; especially those that guarantee a payment from one person to another. From this; we get the use of the word bond to cover a certificate issued by one party (usually a government – national, or, local – or; a public company) that promises to repay borrowed money with a fixed rate of interest after a specified period of time. Such bonds could be called investment bonds; although they often have different names – war bonds; treasury bonds by way of some examples. A bond of this type; issued by the State of Florida; would probably be a safe; if not spectacular investment.

However, Florida Surety Bonds are not of that type; they are like an insurance policy that is taken out by a company (or an individual) to protect themselves in the event of losses that could be incurred should certain “things” happen. These include surety bonds and are not, of themselves, an investment to obtain future returns. They are an investment but that investment is to ensure coverage in the event of claims being made against the openers of such Florida Surety Bonds.

When & Why Would You Take Out Surety Bonds?

Effectively, there are three parties involved in the issue and use of Florida Surety Bonds; the issuer (guarantor); usually a bank or insurance company. The person or organization that wishes to protect itself against future possibilities; they are known as the principal. Finally, there will be the obligee who is the party that might be making this future claim; should the principle fail to meet an agreed obligation.

Sometimes, the obligee may insist that all principles open Florida Surety Bonds before they can be awarded contracts; this is typically the case when the contracts are with a branch of the Florida State Government (or other municipal authorities within Florida). In other cases; the principle may simply wish to be well protected against any eventualities – a plumbing contractor for example who could face accusations that his employees stole from one of his clients’ homes; or even in the event of him being sued for perceived bad workmanship.

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